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Begin Again

SKU: 9780593621554

Begin Again: How We Got Here and Where We Might Go - Our Human Story. So Far.

In his first illustrated book created specifically for readers of all ages, Oliver Jeffers shares a very brief history of humanity and shares his dreams for where we go from here.

With his bold, iconic art, Oliver Jeffers follows the human path from the dawn of our species through history, sharing profound, sometimes poignant, commentary on our present, and then offers a challenge: Where do we go from here? How can we create new stories and new systems that allow all of humanity to flourish? How can we journey toward a collective and robust future?

Illustrated in his world-renowned art style, Oliver Jeffers’ reflection on the patterns that have led us to where we are today, the stories we have governed ourselves by, and those we might adopt going forward, is insightful, moving, and powerful. A must-have for anyone who wants the next generation to inherit a world to be proud of--and a perfect gift to share with those you care about.

by Oliver Jeffers (Author, Illustrator)

Hardcover, 112 Pages, Published 2023

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Begin Again

Begin Again

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Begin Again
Begin Again Sale price$26.99