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Handmade Macrame KippahHandmade Macrame Kippah
Handmade Macrame Kippah Sale price$30.00
Cotton Kippah with Silver Star of David
Linen Kippah with Silver Embroidered Pomegranates on Cream
Linen Kippah with Silver Embroidered Pomegranates on Gray
Large Knit Kippah
Large Knit Kippah Sale price$28.00
Kippah with Geometric PatternsKippah with Geometric Patterns
Solid Color Knit KippasSolid Color Knit Kippas
Solid Color Knit Kippas Sale price$25.00
Beaded Kippah with Metallic StripeBeaded Kippah with Metallic Stripe
Extra Fine Knit Kippah
Extra Fine Knit Kippah Sale price$30.00
Fine Knit Kippah - Assorted DesignsFine Knit Kippah - Assorted Designs
Knit Kippah - Assorted Color CombinationsKnit Kippah - Assorted Color Combinations
Fine Crochet Kippah
Fine Crochet Kippah Sale price$28.00
Finely Knit Kippah - Assorted DesignsFinely Knit Kippah - Assorted Designs
White Kippah
White Kippah Sale price$15.00
Beaded Kippah - Assorted ColorsBeaded Kippah - Assorted Colors
Fine Needlepoint Kippah
Fine Needlepoint Kippah Sale price$50.00

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