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Mezuzah with Bird & Pomegranates
Chigall Mezuza in Turquoise and BluesChigall Mezuza in Turquoise and Blues
Chigall Mezuzah in RedChigall Mezuzah in Red
Chigall Mezuzah in Red Sale price$24.00
Chigall MezuzahChigall Mezuzah
Chigall Mezuzah Sale price$24.00
Chigall Mezuzah in Blue Menorah MenorahChigall Mezuzah in Blue Menorah Menorah
Israel Shaped Mezuzah
Israel Shaped Mezuzah Sale price$40.00
Dark Cement and Metal Mezuzah
Blue Cement and Metal Mezuzah
2 Way Shin Cement and Wood Mezuzah2 Way Shin Cement and Wood Mezuzah
Terracotta Colored Cement and Wood Mezuzah
Concrete Mezuzah
Concrete Mezuzah Sale price$70.00
Baby Boy Mezuzah
Baby Boy Mezuzah Sale price$24.00
Hamsa Mezuzah
Hamsa Mezuzah Sale price$24.00
Circle of Life Mezuzah
Circle of Life Mezuzah Sale price$24.00
Animals Mezuzah on Handpainted Resin
Animals Mezuzah on Handpainted Resin
Noah's Ark Mezuzah
Noah's Ark Mezuzah Sale price$24.00
Blue Ceramic Mezuzah
Blue Ceramic Mezuzah Sale price$65.00
Ceramic White Mezuzah
Ceramic White Mezuzah Sale price$65.00
Ceramic Green Mezuzah
Ceramic Green Mezuzah Sale price$65.00
Mezuzah with Jerusalem Motif on SidesMezuzah with Jerusalem Motif on Sides
Tree of Life Pewter and Enamel MezuzahTree of Life Pewter and Enamel Mezuzah
Simple Aluminum Engraved MezuzahSimple Aluminum Engraved Mezuzah
Medium KLAF (Mezuzah Parchment)
Large Klaf (Mezuzah Parchment)
Giant Mezuzah with CutoutsGiant Mezuzah with Cutouts
Giant Mezuzah with Cutouts Sale price$160.00
Car MezuzahCar Mezuzah
Car Mezuzah Sale price$14.00
White Orchid MezuzahWhite Orchid Mezuzah
White Orchid Mezuzah Sale price$55.00
Palm MezuzahPalm Mezuzah
Palm Mezuzah Sale price$55.00
Silver Anodized Aluminum Shin Mezuzah Case
Light Blue Aluminum Mezuzah with Silver Stripe
Pink Aluminum Mezuzah with Silver Stripe
Wood Car MezuzahWood Car Mezuzah
Wood Car Mezuzah Sale price$10.99
Blue Aluminum Mezuzah with Silver Stripe
Bali Chai Mezuzah with Mother of Pearl
Bali Chai Mezzuah in Coral Triangle
Stained Glass Mezuzah in Blue with Green and White Stripes
Cordoba Mezuzah in Royal Blue
Hand Painted Jerusalem MezuzahHand Painted Jerusalem Mezuzah
Mother of Pearl Mezuzah
Mother of Pearl Mezuzah Sale price$27.00
Colorful Jersualem Mezuzah in Brass
Mezuzah in Stained Glass with Ivory Tones
Tuplip Mezuzah in Pewter
Tuplip Mezuzah in Pewter Sale price$55.00
Wheat Mezuzah in Pewter
Wheat Mezuzah in Pewter Sale price$55.00
Gemstone and Silver Mezuzah
Acrylic Tree of Life Mezuzah
Peace and Shalom Pewter Mezuzah
Pomegranate Pewter Mezuzah

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