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Filigree Sterling Kiddush CupFiligree Sterling Kiddush Cup
Tree of Life Blue PatternTree of Life Blue Pattern
Tree of Life Blue Pattern Sale price$200.00
Tree of Life Turquoise PatternTree of Life Turquoise Pattern
Tree of Life Burgundy PatternTree of Life Burgundy Pattern
Tree of Life Yellow PatternTree of Life Yellow Pattern
Tree of Life Yellow Pattern Sale price$200.00
Neshama Shabbat CandlesticksNeshama Shabbat Candlesticks
Smaller Live Edge Challah BoardSmaller Live Edge Challah Board
Classic Challah BoardClassic Challah Board
Classic Challah Board Sale price$195.00
Evening L'dor V'dor MezuzahEvening L'dor V'dor Mezuzah
Evening L'dor V'dor Mezuzah Sale price$175.00
L'dor V'dor MezuzahL'dor V'dor Mezuzah
L'dor V'dor Mezuzah Sale price$175.00
Evening Ember MezuzahEvening Ember Mezuzah
Evening Ember Mezuzah Sale price$98.00
Ember MezuzahEmber Mezuzah
Ember Mezuzah Sale price$98.00
Shabbat Candle HoldersShabbat Candle Holders
Shabbat Candle Holders Sale price$95.00
Handmade Macrame KippahHandmade Macrame Kippah
Handmade Macrame Kippah Sale price$30.00
Tallit Set Soft Blue FloralTallit Set Soft Blue Floral
Tallit Set Soft Blue Floral Sale price$330.00
Tallit Set Soft Lavender FloralTallit Set Soft Lavender Floral
Pewter Deco Mezuzah
Pewter Deco Mezuzah Sale price$40.00
Chagall Mezuzah RedChagall Mezuzah Red
Chagall Mezuzah Red Sale price$36.00
Stone MezuzahStone Mezuzah
Stone Mezuzah Sale price$36.00
Tallit Set Blue StripesTallit Set Blue Stripes
Tallit Set Blue Stripes Sale price$395.00
Tallit Set Tie Died Blue ChiffonTallit Set Tie Died Blue Chiffon
Tallit Set Lime StripesTallit Set Lime Stripes
Tallit Set Lime Stripes Sale price$395.00
Tallit Set White Dots ChiffonTallit Set White Dots Chiffon
Tallit Set White ChiffonTallit Set White Chiffon
Tallit Set White Chiffon Sale price$330.00
Tallit Set White Tree Of LifeTallit Set White Tree Of Life
Tallit Set White Stripe over ChiffonTallit Set White Stripe over Chiffon
Tallit Set Lavender Embroidered FlowersTallit Set Lavender Embroidered Flowers
Tallit Set Purple StripesTallit Set Purple Stripes
Tallit Set Purple Stripes Sale price$330.00
Tallit Set Pastel Butterfly ChiffonTallit Set Pastel Butterfly Chiffon
Tallit Set Pink Small Flower EmbroideryTallit Set Pink Small Flower Embroidery
Tallit Set Pink Stripes on CottonTallit Set Pink Stripes on Cotton
Tallit Set Silver Embroidered RoseTallit Set Silver Embroidered Rose
Tallit Set Sage Embroidered RoseTallit Set Sage Embroidered Rose
Tallit Set White Embroidered RoseTallit Set White Embroidered Rose
Tallit Set Tiphany BlueTallit Set Tiphany Blue
Tallit Set Tiphany Blue Sale price$330.00
Tallit Set Dark Blue Tree of LifeTallit Set Dark Blue Tree of Life
Tallit Set Lime and Black Tie Dye ChiffonTallit Set Lime and Black Tie Dye Chiffon
Tallit Set Silver Piano Raw SilkTallit Set Silver Piano Raw Silk
Tallit Set Blue & Light BrownTallit Set Blue & Light Brown
Tallit Set Blue StripesTallit Set Blue Stripes
Tallit Set Blue Stripes Sale price$395.00
Tallit Set Navy Rhombus LineTallit Set Navy Rhombus Line
Tallit Set Navy and Silver on Brushed CottonTallit Set Navy and Silver on Brushed Cotton
"Keep Traditions" Lazy Susan
Challah Tray in Tempered GlassChallah Tray in Tempered Glass
Tallit Set Silver OrganzaTallit Set Silver Organza
Tallit Set Silver Organza Sale price$295.00
Tallit Set White Chiffon StripsTallit Set White Chiffon Strips
Iron & Copper Seder PlateIron & Copper Seder Plate
Iron & Copper Seder Plate Sale price$240.00
Dove Hanukkiah by MatashiDove Hanukkiah by Matashi
Dove Hanukkiah by Matashi Sale price$100.00

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