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"Tanya's Table" Lazy Susan"Tanya's Table" Lazy Susan
"Tanya's Table" Lazy Susan Sale price$198.00
Pillar Candle Pomegranate ShapedPillar Candle Pomegranate Shaped
Ceramic Seder PlateCeramic Seder Plate
Ceramic Seder Plate Sale price$125.00
Pink Tri-Color Shabbat CandlesPink Tri-Color Shabbat Candles
Pair of Shabbat Candles
Pair of Shabbat Candles Sale price$2.00
Shalom Dish with BirdsShalom Dish with Birds
Shalom Dish with Birds Sale price$16.00
Matzo Matzo Man, Matzah PlateMatzo Matzo Man, Matzah Plate
Havdalah Candle in White and Blue
Havdalah Candle in 3 Colors
Kiddush Set Leafed TrayKiddush Set Leafed Tray
Kiddush Set Leafed Tray Sale price$65.00
Havdalah Set Vibrant ColorsHavdalah Set Vibrant Colors
Havdalah Set Vibrant Colors Sale price$130.00
Kiddush Set Blue StemKiddush Set Blue Stem
Kiddush Set Blue Stem Sale price$75.00
Kiddush Set Red StemKiddush Set Red Stem
Kiddush Set Red Stem Sale price$75.00
Kiddush Set Pomegranates on GlassKiddush Set Pomegranates on Glass
Tzedakah Box Blue & Black PatternTzedakah Box Blue & Black Pattern
Candlestick Pair Tall Orange PatternCandlestick Pair Tall Orange Pattern
Large Kiddush Set with Blue & Black PatternLarge Kiddush Set with Blue & Black Pattern
Glass Challah Board with ButterfliesGlass Challah Board with Butterflies
Havdalah Candle Woven in Blue & White
Wheeled Blue & Black Pattern HanukkiaWheeled Blue & Black Pattern Hanukkia
Hanukkia with Burgandy PatternHanukkia with Burgandy Pattern
Wheeled Hanukkiah with Burgundy PatternWheeled Hanukkiah with Burgundy Pattern
Tree of Life HanukkiahTree of Life Hanukkiah
Tree of Life Hanukkiah Sale price$110.00
Crystal Hanukkiah with Spinning DreidelCrystal Hanukkiah with Spinning Dreidel
Havdalah Candle Flat in Red
Large Classic Arms Hanukkiah in Yellow PrintLarge Classic Arms Hanukkiah in Yellow Print
Mezuzah with Bird & Pomegranates
Mezuzah with Bird & Pomegranates
Chigall Mezuza in Turquoise and BluesChigall Mezuza in Turquoise and Blues
Chigall Mezuzah in RedChigall Mezuzah in Red
Chigall Mezuzah in Red Sale price$24.00
Chigall MezuzahChigall Mezuzah
Chigall Mezuzah Sale price$24.00
Chigall Mezuzah in Blue Menorah MenorahChigall Mezuzah in Blue Menorah Menorah
Challah Cover with Jerusalem
Challah Cover with Pomegranates
Challah Cover with Pomegranate Embroidery
Kippah with IDF Embroidery
Shabbat Tray in Wood & GlassShabbat Tray in Wood & Glass
Geometric Cut Shabbat Tray Glass & WoodGeometric Cut Shabbat Tray Glass & Wood
Pomegranate Shabbat Tray in Wood & GlassPomegranate Shabbat Tray in Wood & Glass
Oval Shabbat Tray in Wood & GlassOval Shabbat Tray in Wood & Glass
Linen Kippah with Silver Embroidered Pomegranates on Cream
Linen Kippah with Silver Embroidered Pomegranates on Gray
Linen Kippah with Star of David on Navy
Tallit & Tefellin Bag PairTallit & Tefellin Bag Pair
Candlestick Pair Square Cystal
Tallti Set- Japanese LaceTallti Set- Japanese Lace
Tallti Set- Japanese Lace Sale price$395.00
Tallit Set- Tree of Life in PurpleTallit Set- Tree of Life in Purple
Tallit Set- 2 Tone Lavender on SilkTallit Set- 2 Tone Lavender on Silk

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