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"Tanya's Table" Lazy Susan"Tanya's Table" Lazy Susan
"Tanya's Table" Lazy Susan Sale price$198.00
Pillar Candle Pomegranate ShapedPillar Candle Pomegranate Shaped
3 Swallow Mobile
3 Swallow Mobile Sale price$36.00
5 Flying Swallows Mobile
5 Flying Swallows Mobile Sale price$50.00
Elephant Party Mobile in Grayscale
Sheep Hanging Mobile
Sheep Hanging Mobile Sale price$38.00
Penguin in Tails Mobile
Penguin in Tails Mobile Sale price$50.50
Giraffes On The Savannah Mobile
Blue Elephant Mobile
Blue Elephant Mobile Sale price$49.00
Elephant Pink Mobile
Elephant Pink Mobile Sale price$49.00
Crane Mobile
Crane Mobile Sale price$38.50
Ceramic Face PlanterCeramic Face Planter
Ceramic Face Planter Sale price$47.00
Salt & Pepper Shakers Love & AhavaSalt & Pepper Shakers Love & Ahava
Heart Shaped GarlandHeart Shaped Garland
Heart Shaped Garland Sale price$12.00
Soapstone Heart -Assorted
Wild Olivewood Heart
Wild Olivewood Heart Sale price$10.00
Cat Head Wall Plaque
Cat Head Wall Plaque Sale price$25.00
Embossed Owl Wall Plaque
Embossed Owl Wall Plaque Sale price$48.00
Floral Frog Wall Plaque
Floral Frog Wall Plaque Sale price$48.00
Love Wall Plaque
Love Wall Plaque Sale price$25.00
Leaning Curly Tree Wall Plaque
Noah On Lookout Wall Plaque
Root Tree with 2 Birds Wall Plaque
Humming Bird Mini Wall Plaque
Heart of Hearts Small Wall Plaque
Two Birds in Oak Leak Heart Wall Plaque
Passover Seder Plate
Passover Seder Plate Sale price$28.00
Kitchen Spoons Art Print
Kitchen Spoons Art Print Sale price$28.00
Pomegranate Art Print
Pomegranate Art Print Sale price$28.00
Wall Hamsa in Blue
Wall Hamsa in Blue Sale price$74.00
Rise and Resist Print
Rise and Resist Print Sale price$30.00
Acceptance Print
Acceptance Print Sale price$25.00
Tiny Ceramic Item Assorted Colors and Styles
Blessing Woman of Valor Papercut in FrameBlessing Woman of Valor Papercut in Frame
L.A. SkylineL.A. Skyline
L.A. Skyline Sale price$47.00
Enormity Poster in Silver
Enormity Poster in Silver Sale price$40.00
Large Ceramic Pomegranate
Large Ceramic Pomegranate Sale price$86.00
Bird Head HamsaBird Head Hamsa
Bird Head Hamsa Sale price$52.00
Moroccan Pomegranate BrassMoroccan Pomegranate Brass
Moroccan Pomegranate in SilverMoroccan Pomegranate in Silver
Ceramic Face PlanterCeramic Face Planter
Ceramic Face Planter Sale price$47.00
"Boker Tov" Plaque
"Boker Tov" Plaque Sale price$62.00
"Lilah Tov" Plaque
"Lilah Tov" Plaque Sale price$62.00
"Happy Hanukkah" Plaque
"Happy Hanukkah" Plaque Sale price$62.00
Mini Forged Jewelry Double T Stand
Pair of Hexagon Ceramic Taper Holder
Forged Iron Candle Snuffer
Forged Iron Jewelry T Stand

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