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"Happy Hanukkah" Plaque
"Happy Hanukkah" Plaque Sale price$62.00
Mini Forged Jewelry Double T Stand
Pair of Hexagon Ceramic Taper Holder
Forged Iron Candle Snuffer
Forged Iron Jewelry T Stand
Mazel Tov Garland
Mazel Tov Garland Sale price$16.00
I Read Banned Books Garland
Be Kind Garland
Be Kind Garland Sale price$16.00
Welcome Garland
Welcome Garland Sale price$16.00
Seek Learning GarlandSeek Learning Garland
Seek Learning Garland Sale price$19.00
4 Birds with Border Wall Plaque
Bird in Tree Fork Wall Plaque
Tree of Life Arch Wall Plaque
Small Rooster with 3D Wing Wall Plaque
Yin-Yang Fish Wall Plaque
Yin-Yang Fish Wall Plaque Sale price$33.00
"Ahava" Plaque"Ahava" Plaque
"Ahava" Plaque Sale price$62.00
"L'chaim" Plaque"L'chaim" Plaque
"L'chaim" Plaque Sale price$48.00
"Defy Darkness" Ornament
"Defy Darkness" Ornament Sale price$28.00
"Shalom Home" Plaque
"Shalom Home" Plaque Sale price$48.00
"Blessings and Peace" Plaque
No. 5 Stan Editions Yellow CandlesNo. 5 Stan Editions Yellow Candles
No. 2 Stan Editions CandlesNo. 2 Stan Editions Candles
Porcelain Jewelry Bowl - Assorted ColorsPorcelain Jewelry Bowl - Assorted Colors
Hands Jewelry Display PlateHands Jewelry Display Plate
Ceramic Pomegranate Assortment
Kana Medium Candlestick in Beechwood
Kana Small Candlestick in Beechwood
Kana Tall Candlestick in Ebony
Kana Medium Candlestick in Ebony
Tall Kana Candlestick in Beechwood
Small Kana Candlestick in Ebony
The Happy Frogs MobileThe Happy Frogs Mobile
The Happy Frogs Mobile Sale price$39.00
Dove Wall PlaqueDove Wall Plaque
Dove Wall Plaque Sale price$32.00
Tree Wall Plaque Wall Plaque
Bat Mitzvah SculptureBat Mitzvah Sculpture
Bat Mitzvah Sculpture Sale price$70.00
Match Striker by Josh Owen
Tapas Plate - Assorted ShapesTapas Plate - Assorted Shapes
Bud Ceramic VaseBud Ceramic Vase
Bud Ceramic Vase Sale price$45.00
Jerusalem 19.5" City Skyline SilhouetteJerusalem 19.5" City Skyline Silhouette
Small Bird Wall Plaque - Assorted Poses
Butterfly Panel  Wall Plaque
Floral Pot Belly Pig Wall Plaque
Floral Rabbit Wall Plaque
Floral Rabbit Wall Plaque Sale price$55.00
Horizontal Flowering Tree with Birds
Small Hummingbird  Wall PlaqueSmall Hummingbird  Wall Plaque
"Opportunity for All" Camp Flag
California Pennant
California Pennant Sale price$28.00
Los Angeles Pennant
Los Angeles Pennant Sale price$28.00

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