The Smallest Elephant in the World


First published in 1959, The Smallest Elephant in the World, written by Alvin Tresselt and illustrated by Milton Glaser, is a witty, sweet, and funny tale of friendship and the search for home.

Mocked throughout the jungles of India due to his small size, the smallest elephant in the world—no bigger than a house cat—has decided enough is enough. After all, if he’s no bigger than a house cat, then a house must be where he belongs! After a long journey in the hold of a ship, this smallest elephant in the world finds himself a home with a nice little boy inside. But he must disguise himself as a cat to satisfy the boy's mother, and disaster strikes when he is confronted with his first mouse... Little does he know that the perfect home is waiting for him, in a circus where differences are celebrated, not scorned.

The Smallest Elephant in the World is a fun book about an elephant who learns to accept his unique qualities as he seeks to find a place where he fits in. This children's book will teach kids all about belonging, friendship, and acceptance.

by Alvin Tresselt (Author), Milton Glaser (Illustrator)

Hardcover, 40 Pages


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