Hannukiah- Saltware Black & White Meorrot with Silver Candle Seats


This is a one of a kind Hanukkah Menorah design.  It can be assembled in various combinations - As a Hanukkah menorah, as a pair of Shabbat candle holders and as a one-unit candle ornament.

Meorrot in Hebrew 'מְּאֹרֹ֖ת' is "The lights of the universe" which are the sun, the moon and the stars. This is the phrase used to describe God's creation in GENESIS 1.
This hanukkah menorah was designed in Israel and made of Dead Sea Salt combined with various earth pigment powders and copper.  The silver candle seats are made of anodized aluminum with a satin finish.  The metal seats can be separated and easily cleaned.
Please note:

Each Menorah is individually handmade so there might be slighter differences of one to another.

Measures: Height (8 parts): 1"/2.5cm, Shamash: 1.5"/4cm Diameter: 2"(5cm)

Care Instructions:  Simply wipe the pieces with a damp cloth. Do not put the salt made parts under running water/dish washer or above 75% humidity.

Metal seats are separate and washable.

This set should be use with non-dripping candles, preferable natural beeswax. ( 6-8mm/ standard Hanukkah candles size)


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