Sukkot in a Box

This fun kit is a great way to introduce and involve kids in Sukkot even if you are a busy family. Includes 4 fun, engaging and educational activities for kids, adults and the entire family. The first activity is a Mini Pop-Up Sukkah that is easy to put together and decorate.  Next included is a Rainbow Sukkah Garland to wear or decorate a full scale sukkah with.  Enjoy the Four Spices of Sukkot with the Cookie Maker and discover new traditions and more with the holiday guide.
Includes 4 experiences to educate, engage and help celebrate.
  •  Construct a mini sukkah
  •  Bake and Shake the Four Species
  •  Decorate your sukkah with a Rainbow Sukkah Garland
  •  Step-by-step holiday guide

Great for ages 4 & up


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