The Seder: A Short, Sweet & Complete Passover Haggadah


The Seder is a user-friendly Haggadah for beginners as well as anyone looking to honor Passover and eat before ten at night. Anyone, from the fidgety six-year-old who may never have attended a Seder to the 90-year-old who was a bar mitzvah long ago, will enjoy this short and sweet interpretation of the Exodus from Egypt. Collage illustrations in The Seder will delight your family and friends.  Even inanimate objects take on life. The parsley looks so real you can smell it and the paper-crafted matzah looks good enough to eat.

In keeping with tradition, the book is printed in a reverse bound format, to be read from back to front.

Written by Liz Kaplan, illustrated by Laura Carraro

Paperback,  40 pages


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