Seven Days to the Sea: An Epic Novel Of The Exodus


As a child, Miryam foretells the birth of a leader who will save their
people from oppression—a vision so vivid that she dedicates her life
to seeing it fulfilled in her brother, Moses. But after many years,
she wonders in the deepest confines of her heart if her sacrifices
mean anything, if her calling is real.

Tzipporah, a desert shepherdess who knows nothing of her husband's divine purpose, suffers as he is torn from her by a strange god, a foreign people, and an
unforgiving sister. In her heart, she harbors terrible secrets that
haunt the love she shares with Moses and threaten her tenuous peace
with Miryam.

Together, Miryam and Tzipporah weave a narrative that
gives voice to the women of Exodus—their lives, their community, and
ultimately, their sisterhood.

by Rebecca Kohn (Author)

Paperback, 395 Pages 


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