Family Haggadah: A Seder for All Generations


With its easy-to-follow format and glorious full-color illustrations, this is the ideal choice for a home seder attended by many of children, or a congregational model seder. In just 40 pages, Family Haggadah presents all the key elements of the seder in a child-friendly way that will charm everyone at the table.

Special features include:

Vibrant images of ancient and contemporary artifacts and illuminated Haggadot

Photographs of modern children celebrating Passover

Sidebars that provide enlightening commentary and thoughtful discussion questions

New traditions and innovations, including Miriam's Cup

Suggested techniques for involving young children in the service

Popular children's Passover songs

Conduct a proper seder, enjoy group discussion and learning opportunities, and keep the children engaged - all in just 45 minutes!

Written by Elie Gindi

Paperback, 34 pages



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