George Segal: Works from the Bible


Catalogue for the exhibit shown at the Skirball Cultural Center.

February 27 to July 25, 1997

Excerpt from inside:

Genesis, a work of Hebrew antiquity, is a fundamental inheritance of our civilization.  Whatever one's religious perspective on this first book of the Hebrew Bible, Genesis is extraordinary as a rendering of a family relationships.  That is certainly the understand that the artist bring to Genesis in "George Segal: Works from the Bible."

A prime goal of the Skirball Cultural Center is exploring intersections between values born of Jewish experience and those shaped by the experience of peoples among whom Jews have lived, to offer a more nuanced human image.  George Segal's five striking sculptures, drawn from his interwoven Jewish and American sensibilities, are eloquently congruent with the Skirball Spirit.

I am greatful to all who have helped make this signal exhibit possible.

Message from the President of the Skirball Uri. D Hersher

Paperback, 18 pages


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