Simplicity Colors Hanukkah Candles


Light up the Chanukah night with these gorgeous candles! Featuring an elegant and modern color pallet, these inspirational candles reflect the latest in muted-color styling. Providing a striking visual atop of your Menorah, these hand-dipped candles help create a special aura of Chanukah celebration like no others!

Sized to Fit Most Menorahs (9mm) - Burns Clean and Bright for Approximately One Hour - High Quality, Lead-Free Wicks.

45 candles for all 8 days of Chanukah
Trim wicks to ¼".
Place candles upright in menorah.
Be sure candles are secure before lighting.
Placing lit candles near a draft or too close to each other may cause dripping.
Always use a non-flammable menorah on a non-flammable surface.


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