Raise the coolest nerd the world has ever known!

Once upon a time, you were a nerdy child, and now that you're a parent, let's make sure your kid can be a nerdy child too! In a world filled with superheroes, wizards, spaceships, and magical telephone booths, everyone should be part of a fandom, and you can never start too early. This is for the parents who want to share their fantastical interest with their children in hopes that they too will grow up to become little nerds.

With essential guides to fantasy, comic books, gaming culture, and more, this parenting guide will help engage your little one with crafts, games, and recipes based on their new nerdy interests. Whether you want to raise a well-versed wizard or a caped crusader, The Nerdy Parents Guide will ensure your quest succeeds!

Recommended reading lists and movie maps included!

Paperback, 144 Pages


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