Metallic Silver Hanukkah Candles

Gold Metallics add shine, splendor & a luxurious touch to your menorah.Kindled flames reflect beautifully off their shiny surface.
  • These standard sized candles have a 3/8” diameter that will perfectly fit any candle menorah. Each box of 45 candles lasts all 8 nights of Hanukkah, including the shamash.
  • These menorah candles for chanukah meet all Jewish law requirements to be lit in a menorah, and are designed to burn for 1 hour.
  • No double wicks and minimal wax drippings to keep your chanukiya clean.
  • A great Jewish and Judaica holiday gift, these dripless hanukkah candles make the perfect Hanukkah gift for kids and adults, and they can be used all year long for all kinds of occasions and parties.
  • Candles Each Measure: 0.38"W x 5.25


1 piece in stock.

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