Shy Spaghetti and Excited Eggs: A Kid's Menu of Feelings


Welcome to the Feelings Restaurant.

Would you like to see a menu? There are lots of things to choose:

Happy Hot Dog
Worried Watermelon
Shy Spaghetti
Scared Shrimp
Sad Spinach
Sorry Steak
Excited Eggs
Lonely Lettuce
Angry Apples
Surprised Strawberries
Confused Chocolate Cupcake

Understanding what your emotions and feelings are telling you about yourself is very useful even for kids! How do you know what you’re feeling and how to deal with it? Take a peek inside, and order up!

Kids often find it hard to express their feelings in constructive ways, enjoy their “good feelings,” and cope with their unpleasant emotions as well. Learning to label feelings is an important first step to being able to do that difficult work of expressing, enjoying, and coping.

Shy Spaghetti and Excited Eggs includes an array of the basic feelings that younger children experience, both the easier feelings such as excitement and the harder feelings such as anger. Kids will enjoy this playful reference book and learn to recognize and identify their own emotions. And importantly, kids will know what to do when their feelings get too big or out of control.

Also included is a Note to Parents with additional information and tools to help parents help their children through the sometimes confusing but wonderful world of emotions. Understanding what emotions and feelings are telling you about yourself is very useful, especially for kids!

by Dr. Marc A. Nemiroff PhD (Author), Dr. Jane Annunziata PsyD (Author), Christine Battuz (Illustrator)

 Hardcover, 48 Pages 


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