The Moriah Hagaddah


In the Moriah Haggadah, Israeli artist Avner Moriah has created a visual chronicle of the entire Seder retelling the Passover story and presenting the traditional songs through vivid, colorful images. As models for the images, Moriah turned to Egyptian and Assyrian wall paintings and reliefs and human and animal figurines of the early Bronze and Iron Ages the time when the Israelites settled in the land of Israel. For the colors, he looked to the blues, oranges, and golds of the eternal Middle East landscape.

Avner Moriah’s prodigious talent and curiosity, his deep personal identification with the themes of the festival and its special book, and his imaginative visualizations have given rise to an inspiring contemporary interpretation of the ancient Passover story. Moriah imbues the words with captivating modern images and new ways to penetrate its many hidden meanings.

Izzy Pludwinski’s elegant calligraphy gives the Hebrew characters unique beauty, and the commentary by Shlomo Fox provides new insights into the familiar text.

Hardcover,  276 pages



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