Emunah Necklace Star of David


The Emunah Story:

In 2007, after years of dreaming, Ayehu, her husband, and their two children finally immigrated to Israel. However, they struggled to adjust to their new environment upon arriving at the reception center.

Three years later, Ayehu was given the opportunity to enroll in a goldsmith training class at Megemeria. She was one of the first students and upon graduation, was gifted a Star of David necklace that filled her with joy and excitement.

Ayehu went on to become one of the main designers at Megemeria and created the Emunah necklace. She named it Emunah, which means “believe” in Hebrew, as it symbolized the realization of her dream and the victory of immigrating to Israel.

Pendant Measures: 0.68X0.61 in / 17.5X15.5 mm
Chain Measures: 16"
24K Gold plated over 925 sterling silver

Each piece is handcrafted in Israel with the highest quality materials!  Megemeria is a philanthropic project established by Yvel owners, Orna and Isaac Levy.  The jewelry school and social business were established to empower Ethiopian immigrants by equipping them with the professional and life-skills needed to achieve financial independence as jewelry designers and artisans.


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