Shedding Light on the Hollywood Blacklist: Conversations with Participants


What Really Happened There were terrible crimes committed against greatly talented American citizens by overzealous and unconscionable government actions. Meet the victims inside this book. See for yourself what happened to the innocent, what they went through, how they coped with their persecution, and how they survived the aftermath with their chins up, in dignity. "Congratulations Stanley Dyrector...WAVE AWARDS... Video Excellence Award presented for Community Media in Santa Fe, New Mexico on November 9, 2001, The Stanley Dyrector Show: The Hollywood Blacklist..." "Dyrector has encountered countless people that help Hollywood sparkle but never get a chance to shine...Screenwriters on the Hollywood Blacklist in the 50's denied work due to their politics..." - Debra Beyer, Los Angeles Times, May 9, 2006. "...I'm not afraid to be corrected by a guest, or to tell them I love them!"...Dyrector explored the blacklisting period of Hollywood during the McCarthy era..." California Seniors Weekly (2000) About the Author Stanley Dyrector was born in Brooklyn, New York. Beginning his career as an actor, he switched to writing, where he found much success. His TV writing credits include such popular shows as Wagon Train and Slattery's People. He and his wife, Joyce, teamed up and wrote for daytime TV soaps on ABC, as well as hour radio dramas and comedies for Sears Radio Theatre and Mutual Radio Theatre. Dyrector's 2-act Vietnam-era play, A Pelican of the Wilderness, was deemed by LA Times critic John Mahoney as "Outstanding." His award-winning interview show called The Stanley Dyrector Show can be seen in various locales and on the Internet.

by Stanley Dyrector (Author), Ed Asner (Foreword)

Paperback, 262 pages


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