Necklace- Brass Horseshoe with Sea Glass by Jordan Aiken


Hand hammered brass horseshoe with blue sea glass on chain.

This hand crafted necklace was made by Los Angeles area artist Jordan Aiken.

From her site: Jordan ran a Transgender Medical-Legal Partnership as a Staff Attorney at Bet Tzedek Legal Services in Los Angeles. In this role, she had the opportunity to work with hundreds of trans and nonbinary folks, drafting petitions to change their legal name and seek recognition of a changed gender marker to update identity documents. As an attorney, she got to witness firsthand how meaningful a legal name change can be. As a calligrapher and metal fabricator, she gets to continue celebrating name changes and other lifecycle events, in a more spiritual capacity. Jordan loves Jewish scribal arts, hand-lettering Hebrew calligraphy on paper, in metal, and in clay.

Chain measures 18"


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