Sage Honey from Malibu 12 Oz


Sage is also known as ‘California Gold’, and it gives honey a lighter flavor. Sage Honey is special, because Malibu honey does not get it every year. Sage needs a decent amount of rain to be able to grow, and since Southern California has experienced drought for the past few years, they will soon be in short supply. Fortunately for us, there was a lot of rain in 2019 and we saw a bump in sage crop and we are still able to get its benefits today. Sage is also special because it takes years to crystallize so you never have to worry about being able to drip it on your toast or yogurt!  

Malibu Honey sources from bees that forage in the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountain ranges. Much of this area is in National Parks and Forests and far from intensive agriculture and all of the pollution and pesticides that come with that.

What is in the jar is exactly what comes out of the hive. They don’t filter or pasteurize the honey. All of the enzymes and pollen that contributes to the health benefits of honey are left alone.

And as a reminder to parents of young children our honey can't be given to children aged one year and younger.

12 Ounces

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