Giclée Print of the Original Location of Canter's within it's Boyle Heights City Block

Giclée Print of the Original Location of Canter's within it's Boyle Heights City Block

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In the 1930s, Boyle Heights—with its main throughway, Brooklyn Avenue—was home to some 10,000 Jewish households, about a third of the Los Angeles Jewish population and the highest concentration of Jews west of the Mississippi. Jewish community life flourished with dozens of synagogues, charitable institutions, cultural organizations, schools, and community centers, not to mention Jewish-owned bakeries, kosher butcheries, delis, restaurants, and movie theaters. This vibrant Jewish community emerged in a multiethnic context, in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Los Angeles called home by thousands of Mexican, Japanese, Armenian/Turkish, Italian, Russian, and African American families. Using archival materials shared by a variety of museums, libraries, and community partners, the digital exhibition "Mapping Jewish" aims to locate Boyle Heights’ Jewish histories within this multiethnic context, revealing both the diversity of Jewish experiences in Boyle Heights and the ways those experiences coincided with, and diverged from, those of the other diasporic communities that settled there.

Artist Eric Sheslow created this version fine art giclée print especially for our Jewish Deli exhibit

Dimensions:  15" W x 6 " H


Eric Daniel Sheslow (Shez)  (b. March 22, 1985-         ), American

  • Los Angeles-born and based artist.
  • Raised on a diet of sugar cereal and Saturday morning cartoons, 
  • Shez was born in Los Angeles, and raised Jewish and Scottish, though he didn’t have his Bar Mitzvah or wear a kilt until age 30.
  • He is the artist in residence at the UCLA Alan Leve D. Center. 
  • Shez took his first art classes at age 15 and studied painting at UC Santa Barbara. He regularly attends classes at the Animation Guild.  
  • He has a BA in English from UCSB, an MA in English from CSUN, and a PhD in Student Loan debt from both institutions. 
  • In 2016, Eric started ShezGlyphs, a history-based cartooning project inspired by the research and writing of a graphic novel.
  •  Eric lives in Burbank with his wife, Bethany, and their daughter, Hazel.