Exclusive! Protest Banner Scarf


Aram Han Sifuentes's mother, Younghye Han (b. 1954), is a classically trained artist from Korea.  When she and her husband moved their family to the United States, Younghye worked as a dry cleaner and seamstress and raised two young children, with little time left to make art.

One of the few pieces she did make while in the US was this preliminary drawing for a traditional Korean ink painting.  It sat unfinished in Aram's childhood bedroom for years.  In 2015 Aram asked her mother when she intended to finish her painting, and Younghye requested that Aram do it for her.  Aram added to the work by sealing the drawing in wax - an act that preserved it, permanently unfinished, as testimony to her mother's story.

Using Younghye and Aram's art we designed this scarf with the text from one of Aram's seminal protest banners with Debbie Martin Designs.

  • Responsibly sourced in India
  • Material:  Cotton/Modal
  • Size: 44" x 44"

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