Superman isn't Jewish (but I am...kinda)

An intimate and humorous autobiography of a boy's quest for identity as he struggles with his heritage and his heroes.

“I’m Jewish!” yells Benjamin, adorning a cape, as he soars among his classmates on the playground. Convinced by his father that Judaism is some kind of superpower, Benjamin believes that each of his eccentric, Jewish relatives is a superhero in their own right, and that he is sure to follow suit—that is, until he realizes that being “different” has turned him into a Bizarro among his classmates. Humorous and timeless, this personal and poignant story of inherited identity will resonate with everyone, especially those who have experienced the trials and tribulations of Interfaith unions.
by Jimmy Bemon (Author), Emilie Boudet (Illustrator)
Paperback, 112 Pages

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