Jewish Food: The Ultimate Cookbook


Jewish Food: The Ultimate Cookbook is a beautiful and thorough collection of recipes drawn from Jewish traditions and inspired by the contemporary international cultures rooted in this incredible cuisine. 

This comprehensive guide takes you on a tour of Jewish cuisine. Spanning traditional High Holiday preparations and contemporary spins on dishes reaching back thousands of years, this wide array of recipes reflects the extensive diversity of culture, history, and experience of Jewish tradition. Discover how strict religious guidelines coexist with deeply cultural food that has evolved over time and embraced European, Asian, and New World influences. In this collection you will find:

  • 300+ easy-to-follow recipes that utilize regional authenticity and modern flair, plus sample holiday menus.
  • Stunning original photography and illustrations that will inspire you to make these mouthwatering meals. 
  • Insights and recipes from industry insiders.
  • A fascinating history of the religious and cultural origins of this cuisine.

This cookbook captures the spirit of this cuisine and provides a detailed look into the diverse approaches and influences that shaped Jewish tradition over the centuries. Explore rich recipes that come from families all over the world and honor the many histories and ethnic backgrounds that make up Jewish cuisine with Jewish Food: The Ultimate Cookbook. 

Written by Joshua Korn, Scott Gilden and Kimberly Zerkel, photography by Jim Sullivan

Hardcover, 800 pages

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