Rage Baking: The Transformative Power of Flour, Fury, and Women's Voices: A Cookbook


50+ recipes, short essays, interviews, and quotes from some of the best bakers, activists, and outspoken women in our country today

The 2016 election. The January 6th insurrection. Impeachment, twice.

For many women, baking now has a new meaning. It’s an outlet for expressing our feelings about the current state of American politics and culture. It’s a way to deal with our stress and anxiety, and, yes, rage and fury.

Rage Baking offers more than 50 cookie, cake, tart, and pie recipes—with beautiful photography by Jerelle Guy—to help relieve these emotions. And it goes further. Inside you’ll also find inspirational essays, reflections, and interviews with well-known bakers and impassioned feminists and activists alike to help motivate you to take action and organize in your communities.

Be inspired with recipes, such as:

  • -Oatmeal Cookies from Ruth Reichl
  • -Lemon Bars from Vallery Lomas
  • -Swedish Visiting Cake from Dorie Greenspan
  • -Rum Raisin Brownies from Julia Turshen
  • -Root Beer Cake with Chocolate–Root Beer Glaze from Carla Hall
  • -Classic Southern Pecan Pie from Cecile Richards
  • -Almond and Chocolate Leche Cake from Pati Jinich
  • -Chocolate Cherry Biscotti from Grace Young
  • -And essays, interviews, and poetry by Ani DiFranco, Jennifer Finey Boylan, Elle Simone, Hali Bey Ramdene, and Von Diaz, among others.

Timely, fun, and creative, this cookbook speaks to both skilled and beginner bakers who are looking for new ways to use their sweetest skills to combine food and activism. Rage Baking brings women together with humor and passion as a way to defend, resist, and protest.


Written by Katherine Alford and Kathy Gunst

Hardcover, 208 pages

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