Jewish Space Laser Goyim Squad Pin

Jewish Space Laser Goyim Squad Pin

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Now that Marjorie Taylor Greene has revealed the existence of the secret Jewish Space Laser, we're making the official Secret Jewish Spacer Laser Corp patches available to the public.

There's a job for everyone in the Corps! We polish the mirrors, align the guidance system, and, when we are called on, we fire the laser on our very real and not fake satellite. But what happens on Shabbat? Members of the Goyim Squad are trained to handle all necessary jobs until the appearance of the three stars (as seen from our ground-based headquarters, of course.)

And now, members of the Goyim Squad can wear their own enamel pins proudly!

50% of profits from this product will be donated to candidates and organizations working to defeat QAnon supporters running for Congress.

Pin is 1.6" wide. This product has small parts and is not made for children.