Tel Aviv: Food. People. Stories.

Tel Aviv: Food. People. Stories.

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Tel Aviv is colorful, cosmopolitan and modern; a city full of contrasts, fragrances, stories and flavors; a vibrant melting pot of cultures, religions and delicious culinary traditions.

Successful restaurateurs Haya Molcho and her four sons take us on a journey to meet Tel Aviv's local chefs and story-tellers - from the epicures and the urban forager, to the magician and the survivor - capturing the special spirit of the city's many cuisines and inhabitants. Haya revisits the recipes of her home town, re-creating the flavors of her childhood: knafeh, green shakshuka, sarma, Israeli paella, pickled lemons and much more.

Written by Haya Molcho and Nuriel Molcho

Hardcover, 280 pages