Colorforms Where Do I Live? Forest Animals - Reusable Sticker Activity Book Clings


Read and play the Colorforms storybook way! Explore the five interactive animal habitat story spreads and start the stickering fun! Our unique, restickable Colorforms allow little ones to match animals to their true habitats or create their own unique worlds within the animal book scenes. Fuzzy polar bear wants to hang out in the rainforest with his monkey pals? Little monkey wants to slide down icecaps in the Arctic? With over 50 reusable animal Colorforms included, the possibilities are endless! The interactive, durable storybook includes surprise flaps, finger trails to trace, and tons of adorable animal Colorforms stickers for hours of fun. Collect more activity books, sticker books for toddlers, and sticker books for kids ages 4-8 from Cottage Door Press!


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