My First Book of Colors


Colors are an important part of the toddler's learning process. My First Book of Colors is a perfect way for the youngest toddlers to start on the learning path. Each of the 12 photographs is of a recognizable object in a specific color:

  • green peas
  • purple plums
  • brown owl
  • pink flower
  • orange carrot
  • black cat
  • white snowflake
  • gray elephant
  • blue parrot
  • yellow butterfly
  • gold fish
  • red cherries.


The brightly illustrated, sturdy board books in the My First Book... series (My First Book of Animals, My First Book of Colors, My First Book of Numbers) are designed for the youngest toddlers who are exploring the world from their most comfortable seat -- the floor. Young children can easily open and turn the board pages and then discover that the pages unfold accordion-style into a 42-inch long display. Each book features 12 engaging color photographs in a clutter-free design, making identification easy for a toddler.

by Emma Hill (Author)

Board Book, 12 pages


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