So Many Smarts!


You have lots of different Smarts.
Some louder, some quieter.
Each plays a part.
And no one Smart is better than another.
So let’s read on. There are plenty to discover! 

So Many Smarts! introduces kids to a variety of “smarts” and teaches that them there is more than one way to be smart. It encourages readers to look at their own combination of brain power and skills to determine how they might learn best, excel, and be themselves. Based on the theory of multiple intelligences, this book shows kids that all of the different skills they have require various types of smarts as well as how they can celebrate their differences.

A Note to Parents, Caregivers, and Educators offers more information about the different smarts outlined in the book and ways to support children exploring their unique strengths.

Hardcover, 32 Pages


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