Princess Penelopea Hates Peas: A Tale of Picky Eating and Avoiding Catastropeas


Once upon a time there was a princess named Penelopea. Penelopea lived in Capital Pea, where people eat peas by the pound—pureed, poached, and pan-fried!

There was just one problem. Penelopea hated peas. So she came up with a plan to make the king and queen think she had eaten her peas, but it led to a catastropea of epic proportions!

Eventually, in an effort to make peas disappear from the kingdom forever, she tries just one pea…then another…then another…and discovers they are positively pea-licious after all.

Includes a section for parents and caregivers with ideas for introducing picky eaters to new foods, and encouraging children to eat a variety of healthy foods.

by Susan D. Sweet PhD (Author), Brenda S. Miles PhD (Author), Valeria Docampo (Illustrator)

Hardcover, 32 pages


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