Big Brave Bold Sergio


The Snappers are the toughest turtles in the pond!
He felt BIG when they scattered the minnows. 
He felt BRAVE when they played soccer with the snails. 
He felt BOLD when they plucked tail feathers from the ducks.

Lately, though, Sergio noticed how others quivered when the Snappers swam by. This bothered him, but when he mentioned it to one of the other Snappers,  Big Clay nipped at him. 

When the Snappers start picking on a little minnow named Gil, Sergio gets some uncomfortable, “squishy” feelings and has to decide what to do. But it's hard to stand up to your friends!

Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers by Julia Martin Burch, PhD, on bullying, friendship, fitting in, and ways to discuss these issues with your child

by Debbie Wagenbach (Author), Jamie Tablason (Illustrator)

Hardcover, 32 Pages


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