The Prettiest Flower


Hedgehog loves her garden. Passers-by often stop to admire her beautiful flowers. But one day Hedgehog wakes to find her pretty garden ruined! Who has eaten all her plants? Hedgehog blames each of her friends, but it wasn’t any of them. Then Hedgehog has an idea. After working all day tidying and replanting her garden, she sets a trap to catch the culprit....

This endearing story about hard work, forgiveness and compromise also celebrates the beauty of an unexpected friendship.

Beautifully illustrated, QEB’s 
Storytime series introduces young children to the pleasures of reading and sharing stories. Featuring charming animal and human characters, the books explore important social and emotional themes like friendship, gratitude, perseverance, and overcoming fears. A Next Steps page at the back provides guidance for parents and teachers.

by Anna Shuttlewood (Author, Illustrator)

Hardcover, 24 Pages


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