Pipsqueaks, Slowpokes, and Stinkers: Celebrating Animal Underdogs


Pee-ew! Should the stinky, skunklike zorilla take a bath? And should the slowpoke Galápagos tortoise get a move on? Everyone knows "cool" animals like elephants and cheetahs, but you should meet these lesser-known creatures that have amazing, creative means of survival!

Written with a lively, playful voice, this book introduces young readers to a variety of animal "underdogs" and explains how characteristics that might seem like weaknesses are critical for finding food and staying safe in an eat-or-be-eaten world.

Along with her engaging animal facts, Stewart weaves in a gentle message of understanding and celebrating differences. Stephanie Laberis's bright, humorous, and scientifically accurate illustrations add to the fun.

by Melissa Stewart  (Author), Stephanie Laberis (Illustrator)

Hardcover, 32 Pages


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