Bunny's Staycation (Mama's Business Trip)


Mama's packing for a business trip, and Bunny's NOT happy! But Papa and Bunny's crafty stay-at-home smarts save the day, and the Bunny family escapes on a series of adventures.

Mama's suitcase is packed for an important business trip. But it's Mama's turn to read bedtime stories! Bunny does not like Mama leaving one bit. If Bunny can just figure out how to keep her home... or maybe Bunny can go with her! But Papa and Bunny have a better idea. They set off on a grand adventure... in the living room. And kitchen. And bathtub. Bunny's Staycation is the perfect book for every family with travel-for-work Mamas or Papas. Kids and parents will laugh, cheer, and celebrate the wonders -- and happy challenges -- faced by families who are juggling the joys of stay-at-home fun and business trips.

by Lori Richmond  (Author)

Hardcover, 32 Pages


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