Ten Little Toes, Two Small Feet/Diez deditos de los pies, dos piececitos


Ten little toes on two small feet.
Diez dedos pequeños en dos piececitos.
These ten toes are ten times sweet!
Son diez veces dulces estos diez deditos.

Join a group of multicultural toddlers for an exciting day as their ten little toes wriggle and wiggle, splatter and pitter-patter, and wibble-wobble! After a small bump and fall, a parent comforts a child and kisses those little toes before setting the child back down. Once two feet touch the floor, ten little toes are off again!

New language learners and bilingual readers will love the rhyming text paired with adorable illustrations of multicultural toddlers in this sweet story!

by Kristy Dempsey (Author), Jane Massey (Illustrator)'

Board Book, 26 Pages


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