Ten Little Fingers, Two Small Hands/Diez deditos, dos manita


Ten little fingers, one hand . . . two.
Diez deditos tienes, una mano..., dos.
Two small hands belong to you!
¡Dos manos pequeñas, tus manitas son!

Join a group of multicultural toddlers as they enjoy delicious treats and count one by one as one little finger points to cake, two little fingers tap a plate, three little fingers pinch a bite, and four little fingers squish it tight! But one piece just isn't enough-they want more! When they're done, a parent cleans and kisses "two small hands on one small you!"

New language learners and bilingual readers will love the rhyming text paired with adorable illustrations of multicultural toddlers in this sweet story!

by Kristy Dempsey (Author), Jane Massey (Illustrator)

Board Book, 26 Pages


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