Tell Me a Story in the Dark: A Guide to Creating Magical Bedtime Stories for Young Children


Tonight, don't read your child a story. Instead, dim the light, lie down, and create storytelling magic. Weave a spell that will enchant your child . . .

Written by an award-winning playwright, Tell Me A Story In The Dark provides you with every tool you need to tell great and entertaining stories. In a day when parents want to spend more quality time with their children, Tell Me A Story In The Dark:

  • Shows you how to prepare and tell a story.
  • Communicates the enormous benefits—ending the bedtime battle of wills, building vocabulary, making room for effective parenting moments.
  • Provides a treasure trove of stories that parents (and grandparents) can adapt for their children.
  • Teaches you how to make up and tell your own stories.

Anyone who loves children will love this book.

by John Olive (Author)

Paperback, 300 Pages


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