My Stinky New School

It's Toby's first day of school and he does NOT like it! Join Toby in the playground and the classroom as he looks for friends and finds a mermaid, an alien, a pirate, and a palaeontologist!

Toby's sister and baby brother love their schools—they smell of paint and rainbows. Toby doesn't think he likes his new school at all—it smells of ogres and he's lonely. He looks and looks for friends but he can't find any anywhere. He finds an alien, a mermaid, a dinosaur expert, and a pirate, but no friends! When his mother comes to pick him up he tells her the sad news. But if he didn't make any friends then who is in the playground waving at him? Rebecca Elliott's charming Toby books help children deal with new and unfamiliar circumstances. In
Mr Super Poopy Pants, Toby got used to the idea of having a new baby brother; in Missing Jack he had to come to terms with the death of his pet cat. Now Rebecca is showing that going to school isn't quite as scary as you might think, using her unique sense of humor and style to create a warm and comforting picture book, which is quirky and funny at the same time.
by Rebecca Elliott (Author, Illustrator)
Hardcover, 32 Pages

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