Wake Up, Magic Duck!


Splish, splash, it's magical fun in the bath with these unique color-changing vinyl books!

Watch the wonder in your little one's face as they dunk their favorite bath time book and see the colors come to life like magic in their hands! Each foam-padded page is constructed of sturdy, floatable vinyl, and shows an adorably illustrated animal for them to recognize. Perfect for learning and play as your scrub the day away, ask them to identify the butterfly, the fish, and frog, or what sound the sheep and duck would make, or let them point to each bright color as it appears on the page.

When bath time is over, simply let the pages dry out and the animals return to their original white―perfect for hours of play again and again!

This bath book features:

  • Color changing pages that come to life in the water
  • Durable, foam-padded vinyl material that floats easily
  • Too cute animal illustrations that kids will enjoy
  • Easy-to-clean, sturdy construction that ensures long-lasting fun!

by Moira Butterfield (Author), Jeremy Child (Illustrator)

Vinyl Book, 8 Pages


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