Elmo's Little Dreidel


Celebrate Hanukah on Sesame Street, and spin the dreidel with Elmo and friends!

What's a dreidel? Elmo wants to know! He finds out as he celebrates the first night of Hanukkah with a friend's family. He watches Gil, Susie, and their parents light the menorah and joins in as they sing Hanukkah songs. After supper he learns to play dreidel, the traditional Hanukkah spin-the-top game. And, at the end of the evening, Elmo gets his first Hanukkah gift-his very own little dreidel! This sturdy board book introduces toddlers to the traditions of the Jewish Festival of Lights and even teaches them how to play dreidel themselves!

By Naomi Kleinberg (author) and Christopher Moroney (illustrator

Board Book, 12 Pages


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