Zayde Comes to Live


In this touching, simple story, a young Jewish girl named Rachel tries to make peace with the impending death of her grandfather.

Rachel's grandfather, her Zayde, has come to live with her family. Though no one has told her, Rachel knows it is because he is dying, and she worries what will happen to him.

Her friends' religions offer her no solace, and although she gets some answers from her Rabbi about where Zayde may go, Rachel still can't imagine her own life without her grandfather in it. It is only when she realizes that Zayde will live on in the love and memories they share that she finally begins to find peace.

Author Sheri Sinykin's understated text and illustrator Kristina Swarner's beautiful illustrations combine to create a moving story about truth, love, and loss.

by Sheri Sinykin (Author), Kristina Swarner (Illustrator)

Hardcover, 32 Pages


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