Dorothy - A Different Kind of Friend


Gold Medal at the 2014 International Latino Book Awards. A beautiful, heartening ode to friendship and to all of those whose solidarity and tenderness make our world a better place.

My friend Dorothy is very, very big. Plus, she always drops crumbs when she eats, and birds often land on her head without her realizing it. Those are some of the reasons why the others don’t accept her and even ask me not to be friends with someone who is so different―as if being different were a bad thing! Do you know what? I don’t just think she’s wonderful… she’s my best friend, too. To the naked eye, we couldn’t be more different, but the truth is we have a great time when we’re together.

A fun pitch-perfect tale about the special people we all know, the ones who need us the most, and who bring so much joy to our daily lives.

by Roberto Aliaga (Author), Mar Blanco (Illustrator), Jon Brokenbrow (Translator)

Hardcover, 28 Pages


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