Lion Cub Figurine


Behold, the king of the jungle… in a few more years! The second largest big cat, lions are endemic to Africa and India, and are the quintessential animal of the Sub-Sahara region. Did you know that when young male lions mature, the alpha male of the pride chases them out?

  • History: Featured in cultures and folklore from all around the world, lions often symbolize might, power, and nobility. Given the time, this cub will grow into a mighty hunter deserving of its symbolic identity as the alpha male or female of his or her pride. Until then, this little one has a lot to learn and is looking for a family to grow up with and would love to join your pride.
  • Scientific Name: Panthera leo
  • Characteristics: Expertly painted and professionally crafted for true to life accuracy, this little lion cub toy will be a mighty lion or lioness in time. This figurine is exceptional as a display on your nightstand, desk, or mantle, in a nature diorama, as part of a collection, and much more!
  • Toy Measures: 2.35" long and 1.75" tall
  • Non-toxic and BPA free


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