A Jewish Calendar of Festive Foods


First Horizon Award Winner Each observance on the Jewish calendar is celebrated with a full menu of treasured recipes in this new approach to a holiday cookbook. Organized in sequence, the menus are suitable for all skill levels, from novice cooks making Seder for the first time to accomplished chefs looking for new meals for Break the Fast. Traditional foods such as schnecken and matzah balls are balanced by modern culinary creations that are sure to become new favorites. A calendar commentary runs throughout the year, explaining the meanings and traditions behind each holiday, including a special chapter devoted entirely to Thanksgiving. Illustrations of a Shtetl family accent the book with charm and nostalgia, while an appendix with notes on dietary laws rounds out the collection.

by Jane Portnoy (Author), Robin Reikes (Illustrator), Marshall Portnoy (Commentary)

Hardcover, 211 Pages 


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