Phileas's Fortune: A Story About Self-Expression


Phileas’ Fortune is a book about values, about the important things we want our children to learn: what really matters in life. This book is unique because its lessons sit softly on the beauty of the text and illustrations in a story about the power of words and self-expression.  On one level, it is a poetic evocation of how “less is more” and how what is in a child’s heart is more valuable than anything money can buy. Phileas demonstrates that heartfelt communication and human openness is more meaningful than showing off or bullying.  Values education is most effective at younger ages and this book speaks to the young child directly and simply, without lecture.  On its deeper level, therefore, Phileas’ Fortune is about positive developmental characteristics we can teach our children -- of caring for others, of being honest, of being modest.

Phileas's Fortune is a sweet tale that reveals the power of words and of caring for others, of being honest and modest. What Phileas says is not nearly as important as how he says it. When Phileas expresses his love for Cybele, his humble words carry more weight than the more expensive, fancy words of a rich bully. And in the end, when Phileas expresses himself with sincerity and heart, Phileas finds more fortune than money could ever buy. 

by Agnès de Lestrade (Author), Valeria Docampo (Author, Illustrator)

Hardcover, 40 Pages 


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