Moshe Safdie


* Contributions include critical appraisals by Peter Rowe, Michael Sorkin and Michael Webb
* Only book to chronicle the work of this highly respected academic and architect
* Features the full range of building types present in his work
* Detailed descriptions of his most recent completed project - the Vancouver Library, Canada
* Contains almost 800 stunning photographs
* Detailed descriptions of his most recent completed

Moshe Safdie Edited by Wendy Kohn Influenced by the diverse cultures of Canada, Israel and the USA, Moshe Safdie's architecture displays a richly evolving tectonic and spatial sensibility. During 30 years of practice, he has designed public institutions, housing and mixed-use complexes, and developed designs for both existing urban districts and entirely new cities. In this monograph more than 40 of his projects are illustrated with spectacular photography, original design sketches and text. These works include his seminal Habitat project for the Canadian Expo '67, the National Gallery of Canada, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Vancouver's Library Square in Canada; the Yad Vashem Children's Holocaust Memorial, the Restoration of the Jewish Quarter, Mamilla Center and Hebrew Union College in the city of Jerusalem; the Skirball Museum and Cultural Center in Los Angeles; and urban designs for Montreal, Senegal, Singapore and the new city of Modi'in in Israel. Together, they demonstrate the depth of Safdie's work, and an architectural vocabulary full of light and colour. In his essay 'The Language and Medium of Architecture' and in an interview with Wendy Kohn, Moshe Safdie discusses his architecture and influences. Each of the essays, by Michael Sorkin, Paul Goldberger, Witold Rybczynski and Peter G Rowe, covers a different facet of Safdie's architectural Oeuvre.

by Moshe Safdie  (Author), Peter Rowe (Author), Witold Rybczynski (Author), Paul Goldberger (Author), Michael Sorkin (Author), Wendy Kohn (Editor)

Hardcover, 321 Pages, Published 1996


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