Climbing the Sacred Ladder: Your Path to Love, Joy, Peace and Purpose


This book is based on the Kabbalistic idea, which holds, we live simultaneously in four different realities, while being aware of only one. In this world view, what is most important is concealed beneath the surface of apparent reality. Nothing is, as it seems to be. Rather, there is always something beyond what “meets the eye. This applies to such various areas as visual and auditory perception, inter-personal relationships, religious-text study, dreams, and even material reality. The aim of Kabbalah is to infuse each person with a higher consciousness, a less strident ego, and a stronger soul, so each person can consciously choose those deeds, feelings, and thoughts, which accelerate spiritual redemption. The Sacred Ladder, based on the biblical story of Jacob’s dream, symbolizes the principle of spiritual ascension from earth to heaven, in order to attain higher consciousness. Each rung or step up this symbolic ladder brings a new realm of spiritual experience from a different dimension of life. Each realm has its own distinct spiritual task, challenge, and skills to be acquired.

by Shulamit Sofia MSW  (Author)

Paperback, 398 pages


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